Handcrafted Short Game

premium Putters, wedges & golf swag


Our Story

While most golf brands have shifted to sourcing overseas, mass production, and quite frankly, manufacturing putters that look like space ships, Strokes Gained Customs was founded with the mission to preserve both American Craftsmanship and clubs as classic as a couple fingers of bourbon and a nice cigar enjoyed in a leather chair.

Founded on principles of sourcing only American Made materials for custom flatsticks and turning customers into friends, we strive for you to be as proud to pull our clubs from your bag as we are having crafted them.

While handcrafted putters, wedges, killer accessories and apparel is our jam, Rohrs also offers club fittings, instruction and coaching. Thanks to decades of studying the short game, the golf swing as a whole, the mental game, and competitive experience through college and professional levels, he'd love to help you shave strokes off your game as well. Learn more about local, regional and virtual opportunities for coaching, as well as information on his upcoming book, "The Strokes Gained Short Game" here.