where it all began

How it all started

It was a normal round of golf in May of 2023 when the idea for Strokes Gained hydration began. After a long day of walking the course and approaching the 18th tee box, Dr. Tom was excited to cap off a low scoring round of golf when his knees buckled and he hit the ground. Though he prioritizes hydydration when he plays and despite stopping at every water station the course offered, Dr. Tom was unable to finish an excellent round of golf because of  nearly passing out from dehydration. After witnessing this moment, one of our founders wondered if there was anything dedicated to golfers that Dr. Tom could have taken that would have adequately hydrated him so that he could finish his great round. This idea led to the creation of Strokes Gained hydration. Electrolytes designed for men and women like Dr. Tom who love to compete at their highest level.


Hydration provides a competitive edge in golf by sustaining mental clarity and physical stamina, enabling players to maintain peak performance and make strategic decisions under pressure.

focus on every swing

Gain the upper hand on the course with Strokes Gained Hydration, the ultimate solution to keep you mentally sharp and physically primed for every swing, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition with every drop.